What is ARQUES It is the development of
Trading platforms and strategies.


ARQUES Korea was founded in March 2020
with the purpose of new business area exploration in finance
and is growing with the full support of Nexon Company.

ARQUES develops
various strategies and trading platforms
that generate profits based on
various insights and technology.

a subsidiary of NXC (Nexon’s holding company),
is a FinTech company and develops trading platforms
and strategies based on solid technology.

We are in search of alpha through technology.
We are continually investing in developing advanced trading platforms
and strategies for this purpose.

What we do

Experience from ARQUES is the continual incorporation into the platform,
continuously upgrading and generating revenue.

Research Engineering Strategy

Quantitative Research

Data Handling

Everything is backed by data.

Researcher &

Find insights through
continuous research.


Improve models through
performance analysis.


Bring Cutting-Edge

Actively introduce new technologies
while constantly challenge them.

Big-Data Analysis

Continuously analyze and process
large volumes of data in an optimal way.

Growth Mindset

Grow and challenge together.
Improve strategies, processes and develop together.

Trading Strategies

Finding Alpha

Constantly develop Alpha
that can seek absolute market return.


By using cutting-edge system,
we don’t miss the market opportunities.

Market Making

Contribute to market stability by providing liquidity.


Strive to provide the best environment to focus on work.


Discretionary work
(Autonomous work system)

Support provided for efficient work anytime and anywhere.


Child care commute

Support commuting hour adjustment for your children’s care.


Support the best equipment

Provide the best equipment needed to create the most efficient working environment.
Able to choose your own desktop or laptop and more.


Stress Care Time

Provide a massage chair for
“leave me alone” time during work.


ARQUES provides industry-leading treatment.
We also strive to provide an optimal environment to focus on your work.

Employee Health Care

Support physical examination every year.
GPAI : Employee and Spouse

Development and Refresh holiday

Support participation in job training, development conferences, seminars etc.
Continuous Service reward(3, 6, 9yrs).
(provide refresh holiday and monetary supporting.)

Provide welfare points

Provide mileage for self-development(2.5 million won).
Support food expense and provide holiday gift points.
Provide Nexon-cash every month.

Other diverse welfare systems

Support Dotori-Sopoong : In-house childcare facility for employees.
Family event and anniversary(birthday, appointment of full-time employee etc.)


Individuals that have passion, spirit of challenge,
creativity, flexibility of thinking,
and logic to make your dreams come true.
This is what ARQUES wants to be and for you to see.

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